HCG A Natural Weight Loss Aid

When you are desperate to lose weight, you will be looking for something which is tried and tested and according to testimonials actually works. There are after all so many diets out there it can be extremely confusing. You could do worse than look at HCG ultra which is getting some pretty good reviews. There are a number of alternatives on the market so you should do your research and get it direct from the manufacturer so you can get the money back guarantee should you need it.


Hcg was discovered over fifty years ago but was originally used in injections and has only recently been available as an homeopathic alternative. The originator Dr Simeon discovered and used it with some good successes with his overweight patients. Hcg Ultra a modern variation has been getting some great reviews and has gained enough of a following to become one of the leading brands around.


Dr Simeon is widely credited with the discovery of hcg as a weight loss aid. It is produced by pregnant women and the doctor found that injecting it into his more obese patients coupled with a low calorie diet appeared to work to get some of the fat off those patients. In its more modern homeopathic form, it is more easy to use and not as frightening for those affected by the use of injections and the effects appear to be similar whatever format is used. Certainly the increase in use of homeopathic alternatives indicates that no matter the critics, people will prefer it to direct injections.


The hcg ultra diet reviews demonstrate that hcg ultra diet drops do seem to be effective in helping with weight loss. It could be that the very low calorie diet is helping with the good results being recorded but given the increasing rates of obesity, does it matter which bit of a diet actually works? The fact of the matter is that seeing early results can lead to a gain in confidence and the compounded effect seems to be that people do stick with this diet with increasingly great results. That confidence boost compared with the drudge of getting another diet to show results cannot be underestimated.


Purchasing HCG couldn’t be simpler as it is easily available online although you should be careful to get it from the manufacturer for the best deals. There are a number of plans available and generally the more you buy the bigger the discount. The best is probably the sixty day plan because of the bonuses given. The fifteen day plan will give you a diet plan and a weight loss tracker, the thirty day plan gets you a free bottle and on the sixty day plan there are two free bottles, a pedometer as exercise is recommended, a free supply of appropriate vitamins like    B12 which are needed for those on a low calorie diet to ensure optimum health, and a free appetite suppressant. On all of the plans there is a money back guarantee but with savings of around sixty per cent, the sixty day plan is undoubtedly the best buy.